Wavemount is a water elemental horse. With this crochet pattern, you can make your own Wavemount amigurumi!
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This product is a downloadable pdf with the crochet pattern to make your own version of Wavemount. It is not a physical product!
This pattern is written in US terms and the difficulty level is beginner/intermediate.

This amigurumi water horse is based on two mythical creatures:
– the Hippocampus: with Greek origins, Poseidon was described as driving a chariot drawn by Hippocampi, horses with two hooves and a fish’s tail;
– the Kelpie: with Scottish origins, the Kelpie is a water spirit that is said to inhabit lochs and can assume a human form.

They spark our Imagination. Even though – or maybe BECAUSE – we don’t exactly know what they look like, as we only catch a glimps ever so often (the Loch Ness Monster isn’t exactly a Monster). Wavemounts. All the waters – rivers, lakes, seas – house a Wavemount of their own. When a river is a soft, mumbling stream, you know there lives a gentle Wavemount; whereas if you find a wild, roaring river, be asured the Wavemount ruling this river is just as wild and free spirited. When the sea lays still and flat, reflecting the stars and the moon, its ruler is calm and collected, at ease.
You can tell by bobbing waves that the Horse of Water is happy, having a good time playing with the creatures of the sea. You might even spot one jumping in glee with the dolphins – or was it? As when storms are raging and throwing huge waves across the oceans, better stay away from that water, as the waves, the wind, thunder and lightning might not be the most dangerous things out there. If you’re present to see – but, of course, you are not – you could witness Wavemount helping Jadelea, the Earth Horse, putting out fires that form from the occasional strolls of Nightflame, the Fire Horse.
The combined powers of Jadelea and Wavemount help nature sprout new life where all seemed lost.
Every now and then the Wavemounts come together in the seas, celebrating the moon and its Push and Pull on the world’s waters, and the stirring of all these mighty fish tailed horses is recognised by us as the tides.
Story by Julia Vasak @hooked_miez

I really hope you enjoy making this little fellow 💙


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