Nightflame is a fire elemental dark horse. With this crochet pattern, you can make your own Nightflame amigurumi!
See the description below for more details and to learn his story.



This product is a downloadable pdf with the crochet pattern to make your own version of Nightflame. It is not a physical product!
This pattern is written in US terms and the difficulty level is intermediate/advanced.

This amigurumi fire horse is based on a Dungeons & Dragons monster, the Nightmare – a hellish fire horse that most parties shiver to encounter during an adventure. I have since developed Nightflame’s own lore as a fun side project.

Nightflames are fire elemental horses. They usually live near vulcanoes and are extremely hostile if you infringe on their territory.
Every once in a while, Nightflames go out to roam forests, creating small forest fires on their path. These fires are good for the environment and ecosystems, as they clear out dead organic material that has been blocking organisms and animals from accessing the soil and the nutrients on it. This dead organic material is fuel for fire and the more it accumulates without burning, the likelier it is that the next wildfire (which may or may not be caused by a Nightflame) is too destructive in its fueled wrath. Moreover, the nutrients released from burned organic material are more quickly absorbed into the soil than when this material is left to slowly decay over time.
Some plants also need these small periodic fires to reproduce. Seeds from pine trees, for example, are released when the pine cones are melted by the fire. This helps not only the trees themselves but also the animals that make their homes on these trees.
When Nightflames roam forests to burn them, their call awakens nearby Jadeleas who will help regrow the forests after the fire subsides.


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