Jadelea is an earth elemental horse. With this crochet pattern, you can make your own Jadelea amigurumi!
See the description below for more details and to learn its story.



This product is a downloadable pdf with the crochet pattern to make your own version of Jadelea. It is not a physical product!
This pattern is written in US terms and the difficulty level is beginner/intermediate.

Jadelea is part of a set of elemental horses that started with my Nightflame pattern and continued with my Wavemount pattern. Check out the other patterns in this series!

Once upon a time, there existed a beautiful white horse with amazingly smooth and shiny
fur and mane. When it ran, bystanders watching it would compare it to silk floating in the wind.
Sadly, humans have a tendency to want to possess and destroy everything that holds beauty, and so, hunters dedicated their time to hunt it down and take its fur as a trophy.
One day, one of these hunters’ bullets reached our friend, and in desperation it ran to the nearest forest, trying to hide amongst the thick vegetation. What it didn’t know, nor did the hunters, was that it had stumbled into an enchanted forest.
As it did with all benevolent creatures that made their home within it, the forest protected the horse from the hunters, driving them away, and letting our tired friend rest. The poor creature, however, did not survive his injuries.
Feeling compassion for such an innocent life taken away by human greed, the forest decided to give it a new life. Vines, dirt, moss and other plants began to wrap around the horse’s body, completely absorbing it.
Reborn, our friend became the protector of this forest, as it had protected him. Legends say that adventurers that come across it sometimes see a reflection of light in the corner of his eyes, only for it to disappear in a fraction of a second. To this day, the Jadelea still roams this enchanted forest, protecting it and every creature in it.
Story by Sheratan

I really hope you enjoy making this little fellow 💚


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